Gil Vidal

France: N.p., Circa 1957. Two original double-weight promotional portrait photographs of French actor Gil Vidal. These photographs presumably floated between talent agencies around the time Vidal was still making French films, being "L'homme aux clefs d'or" (1956), "À pied, à cheval et en voiture" (1957), "Charmants garçons" (1957), "Sins of Youth" (1958), and "Girls of the Night" (1958). Other notable films include "Stolen Affections" (1948), highspots "The Loves of Hercules" (1960) and "Scheherezade (1963), ending with several Spanish horror films, notably Miguel Iglesias' "Night of the Howling Beast" (1975). He also released a few albums as a pianist and singer around 1965.

3.25 x 5.25 inches., with white borders at the bottom. Near Fine.

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