Archive of production photographs for "King Kong"

Hollywood: RKO Radio Pictures, 1932-1933. Archive of four rare production photographs from the set of the 1933 film.

One 13.5 x 10.75 inch oversize, double weight photograph and three 8 x 10 photographs. The oversize photograph and one of the others depict scenes from the miniature setups in the film, with Kong battling a pterodactyl and tyrannosaur, respectively, while Fay Wray looks on. The remaining photographs show King Kong clearly as a model, the first a close up of his face, the second showing him on a model set, the frame of the matte painting hanging behind him clearly visible. The large photograph with the stamp of photographer Ernest A. Bachrach and mimeo snipe on the verso.

Photographs Near Fine, archivally matted.

National Film Registry. Ebert II. Godard, Histoires du cinema.

[Book #143366]

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