Speck's Orient-Cinema

[Silent Film] Ernst Deutsch-Dryden

N.p. N.p., 1916. Vintage Swiss one sheet lithograph poster, made to promote the 1916 opening of Speck's Orient-Cinema in Zurich, during the heart of the silent film era. Designed and illustrated by costume and commercial designer Ernst Deutsch-Dryden.

The poster's illustration portrays well-dressed clientele watching a Western movie, likely meant to represent a US import. During this period there was a push in Zurich, as in all large European and American cities, to build lavish new cinemas to accommodate the constantly growing public demand for films and elegant movie houses in which to view them.

27 x 39 inches. Linen backed, with no extra linen borders, with some slight restoration at the folds and edges.

[Book #143509]