The Delta Force

US: Cannon Films, 1985. Draft script and archive for the 1986 film belonging to actor Lainie Kazan, who played Sylvia in the film, with her holograph annotations throughout, and various other ephemera, including call sheets, cast and crew lists, two thumbnail sized photographs of her in character, and 16 additional revised script pages with occasional handwritten annotations.

Most significantly, included is a handwritten notebook containing Kazan's notes on her character's background, motivation, reactions, and relationships to other characters. While we occasionally to see working scripts, such as the one offered here, with actor's annotations, this kind of separate, in-depth character work is rare.

Lainie Kazan is an Emmy and Tony Award nominated actor and singer, perhaps best known to mainstream audiences for playing Nia Vardalos' mother is the surprise 2002 hit "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

In a decade of big, loud, jingoistic action films, B-movie impressarios Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus made, if certainly not the biggest and loudest, then perhaps the most jingoistic one of the era. Chuck Norris, in a role that would define his pre-"Walker, Texas Ranger" career, plays the leader of an elite, counter-terrorism strike force, based on the eponymous, real-life US military unit, tasked with rescuing hostages and eliminating the Islamist terrorists who have hijacked an Israeli airline. Loosely "inspired" by the hijacking of TWA Flight 847 the previous year. The great Lee Marvin's last film, and the basis for one theatrical sequel starring Chuck, and a second, direct-to-video sequel starring his son, Mike Norris.

Set in Greece, Lebanon, Algeria, and Israel, shot on location in Israel, with the assistance of the Israeli military, who provided the planes and vehicles.

Script: Title page present, dated August 15, 1985, with credits for screenwriters Jim Bruner and Menahem Golan. 252 leaves, with last page of text numbered 142. Xerographic duplication, rainbow script, with revision pages throughout, dated variously between 18/8/85 and 15 SEPT/85. Pages Near Fine, lacking the wrappers.

Notebook: 25 pages of handwritten annotations in a generic spiral bound notebook with card wrappers. Near Fine.

Call sheets and other material: Near Fine to Very Good plus.

All material housed in a generic blue two pocket three ring binder. About Near Fine.

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