Five original Black Panther / Peace and Freedom Party oversize bumper stickers

Berkeley: Berkley Graphics Arts, 1968. Collection of five vintage bumper stickers from the 1968 political campaigns run via a collaboration between the Black Panthers and the Peace and Freedom Party.

Each of the stickers were made for various Peace and Freedom Party political campaigns, including: Mario Savio for California state senator, Black Panther founders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, and Eldridge Cleaver for president, and two stickers simply advertising the Peace and Freedom Party itself.

In 1968 the Black Panthers would move away from direct actions (including their legendary confrontations with the Berkeley police department) and briefly into the political sphere, when they joined forces with the PFP, a left-wing anti-war party advocating Black liberation, women's liberation, and LGBTQ rights. The campaigns were largely seen as political statements, as Cleaver was a convicted felon and technically ineligible for the presidency due to his being under the age of 35 by the time of inauguration, and as Newton and Seale were on trial at the time, repeatedly being denied their civil liberties.

All items rare, each with original peel-off paper backing, and each between 4 x 13.5 an 4 x 15 inches. Near Fine and unused, with light soil on two of the stickers and rubber stamp for the "Lancaster County Peace & Freedom Movement Organizing Committee" on the verso of one sticker. A few of these rear peel-off panels have come loose due to dryness, but most are intact, and the bumper stickers themselves are unaffected.

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