Love Is My Profession [En cas de malheur]

Claude Autant-Lara (director)
Jean Aurenche, Pierre Bost (screenwriters)
Georges Simenon (novel)
Walter Limot (photographer)
Jean Gabin, Brigitte Bardot, Edwige Feuillere, Nicole Berger (starring)

Paris: Cinedis, 1958. Original black-and-white single weight press photograph from the 1958 French-Italian film. Featured is director Autant-Lara giving instruction to a figure off-camera, while blonde Bardot sits in a neighboring chair. On the verso are several rubber-stamps, including photographer Limot's, a numerical notation in manuscript pencil, and the director's name and film title in manuscript ink.

Based on the 1956 detective novel by Simenon, and nominated for a Golden Lion at the Venice Mostra Festival in 1958. Beautiful and naive, Yvette (Bardot) is a young female hustler who seduces her elder lawyer (Gabin). Yvette has an affair with a medical student (hunk Franco Interlenghi), all while pregnant with her lawyer's illegitimate child.

A particularly alluring vessel for Bardot, remade in 1998 by Pierre Jolivet, and in 2010 as a television movie by Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe.

5 x 7 inches. Near Fine.

Godard, Histoire(s) du cinema. Grant France. Selby France.

[Book #143908]