le Makeur

[Christian de la Maziere] Francois Peyron, Andre Merlin (producers)
Christian Robier (art)

Paris: Salons de l'Orangerie, 1958. Original French invitation for the 1958 premiere of a cosmetics aid known as "le Makeur," a hand-held soft-bristled makeup brush. Addressed to M. and Mme. de la Maziere, and dated Tuesday, October 9, 1958, in manuscript ink. Housed in the original mailing envelope, addressed in manuscript ink to "Monsieur et Madame de la Maziere - Cinedis / 44 avenue de Champs-Elysees / Paris / VIIIe," with two red stamps showing the Rouen Cathedral.

Christian de la Maziere (1922-2006) was a journalist and member of the Charlemagne Division of the Waffen SS, and was featured in Marcel Ophuls' 1969 documentary "The Sorrow and the Pity," discussing his role in WWII. He also worked for the fascist newspaper "Le Pays Libre" earlier, and in 1974 he wrote "The Captive Dreamer." His involvement at Vichy and the Waffen SS was pardoned before his career in press and film relations, and he garnered brief postwar celebrity. Christian Robier (b. 1936) was a designer and cosmetologist, notably for L'Oreal, and supplies the watercolor illustration here.

The brush was not in production long, nor the "Makeur" imprint, but is an early example of cosmetics aids that utilize different attachments, similar to electric trimmer kits today. The Salons de l'Orangiere is just as mysterious, but seems to have operated as a rental hall as of 2015.

9.75 x 13 inches, folded once vertically, textured stock similar to watercolor paper.

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