The Subterraneans

Beverly Hills, CA: MGM, 1960. Original vintage photograph of Janice Rule and Gerry Mulligan from the 1960 film. With a type written description, and holograph annotations in red crayon and graphite on the verso.

From one perspective, a fairly one-dimensional representation—perhaps even a caricature—of Beat culture, but culturally fascinating in that it was made at the height of the Beat era, with A-list talent by a top studio, and, until Walter Salles' 2012 adaptation of "On the Road," was the only feature-length film ever made from a Kerouac novel. Kerouac was paid $15,000 by MGM for the rights to the book, and bought his first home with the proceeds, on Long Island.

Shot on location in San Francisco.

10 x 8 inches. Near Fine.

[Book #144198]