New Order Blue Monday Manual Video

Manchester: Factory Records, 1988. FAC 235. First Edition. Issued privately by The Hacienda club in Manchester to friends of the establishment, as their 1988 Christmas gift. Flip-book (or "manual video") illustrated by avant-garde filmmaker and conceptualist Robert Breer and photographer Wiliam Wegman, bound such that the book slants to the left to enable easy flipping. On the front wrapper, in brightly colored titles, are the well wishers, including New Order, Fay and Robert Breer, and William Wegman.

Titled card wrappers, bound with two black screw brads. 5 x 6.5 inches. Wrapper and pages in full color, pages unnumbered. Fine condition, with none of the usual vertical creasing on the front wrapper (caused, inevitably, by flipping).

Robertson, Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album.

[Book #144389]

Price: $1,500.00