Beauty and The Beast

Paris: DisCina, 1946. Collection of four vintage borderless photographs of Jean Marais on the set of the 1946 film. With mimeo snipe, holograph notations, and agency stamps on the verso of each photograph. A sequence of photographs showing how Marais would transform himself from actor to "animal."

A classic 1946 French romantic fantasy film adaptation of the traditional fairy tale written by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont and published in 1757 as part of a fairy tale anthology ("Le Magasin des Enfants, ou Dialogues entre une sage gouvernante et ses eleves," London, 1757). Directed by French poet and filmmaker Jean Cocteau, and starring Josette Day as Belle and Jean Marais as the Beast.

The plot of Cocteau's film story begins when Belle's father is sentenced to death for picking a rose from Beast's garden. Belle offers to go back to the Beast in her father's place. The Beast then falls in love with Belle and proposes marriage every evening, though Belle refuses. Belle eventually becomes more drawn to Beast, who tests her by letting her return home to her family and telling her that if she doesn't return to him within a week, he will die of grief.

9.5 x 7 inches (24 x 17.75 cm). Near Fine.

BFI 1308. Criterion Collection 6. Ebert I. Rosenbaum 1000.

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