Salvatore Giuliano

Rome: Lux Film, 1962. Two vintage borderless photographs of director Francesco Rosi on the set of the 1962 film. With holograph annotations and photographer Patrick Morin's rubber stamp on the verso of each.

Based on the crimes and confidants of Italian bandit Salvatore Giuliano (played by Cammarata), who rose to prominence within the Mafia after the 1943 Allied invasion of Sicily. Shot in nonlinear documentary style, with Giuliano's character off-screen for most of the film, Rosi's narrative employs formal and stylistic elements like time-jumping to envision the truth about the gangster's life, neither objective or fictional, and minimalist neo-realism at its finest. A groundbreaking work of political filmmaking.

Shot on location in Sicily, Italy.

9.5 x 7 inches. Near Fine.

Arrow Academy 970. Criterion Collection 228. Schrader Canon 50.

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