Fast and Sexy [Anna de Brooklyn]

Paris: Pan American Airways, 1958. Original single weight press photograph of Vittorio de Sica smoking a cigarette, smiling, and entering (or leaving) an automobile, during the filming of the 1958 Italian-French film. French titles and de Sica's name in holograph ink, and a Pan American Airways rubberstamp, on the verso. Parisian paparazzi were likely on-hand as the cast and crew traveled during filming, de Sica kind enough to charm the camera in a candid moment.

Based on an original idea by Margadonna and Dino Risi, director of the first "Scent of a Woman" (1974). A rich widow (Lollobrigida) moves to her hometown in Italy to find a new husband, eventually settling for the town's blacksmith. De Sica has a small bit as an peculiar priest. Director Lastricati was often an assistant director, those credits include "War and Peace" (1956), "Boom!" (1968) and several other Joseph Losey films, "Barbarella" (1968), "Boy on a Dolphin" (1957), and "The Angel Wore Red" (1960).

7 x 9.25 inches. Very Good, with faint foxing, light curling, and brief creases to the right edge.

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