The Magnificent Tramp [Archimede, le clochard]

Gilles Grangier (director, screenwriter)
Albert Valentin, Michel Audiard (screenwriters)
Marcel Dole (photographer)
Jean Gabin, Darry Cowl, Bernard Blier, Dora Doll (starring)

Paris: Intermondia Films / Pretoria / Cinedis, 1959. Collection of 4 original black-and-white single weight still photographs from the 1959 French-Italian film. Featuring Jean Gabin dancing gaily in a pub with costar Doll, all photos with brief numerical annotations in manuscript pencil on the verso.

Gabin plays a sophisticated tramp who lives during summer in an abandoned construction site. As winter draws near, he devises a plan that will surely have him incarcerated, and thus in warmer climates. To do so he chooses a bar to demolish, but the crime only lands him a week in jail. Freedom proves too chilling, and he vows to return.

Grangier worked with Gabin on several films, notably "The Night Affair" (1958), "The Counterfeiters of Paris" (1961), "Speaking of Murder" (1957), and "Maigret Sees Red" (1963), as did photographer Dole, who was consistent if anything, a regular fixture in films by Denys de La Patelliere, Jean Delannoy.

Photos 9.25 x 11.75 inches. Very Good plus overall, with light curling, discoloration.

[Book #144629]