The Outside Man [Une homme est mort]

Beverly Hills, CA: Cite Films / Jacques Bar / United Artists, 1972. Draft French script for the 1972 neo-noir film. An international co-production, produced in France but shot entirely in English, directed by the noted French auteur Jacques Deray. Shot on location at many unusual decayed and shabby sites in the Los Angeles area, notably Venice Beach.

Jean-Louis Tritignant stars as Lucien, a French hit man hired to travel to Los Angeles to end the life of an important local mobster. Unbeknowst to Lucien, the mobster's heirs, who hired him, have hired yet another hit man (Roy Scheider) to kill Lucien once the initial job is complete. Lucien speaks very little English, and the lifestyles and customs of Los Angelenos puzzle him completely.

Orange titled wrappers. Title page present, dated May 12, 1972, with credits for screenwriters Carriere and Hunter, and director Deray, along with a production address for Jacques Bar and Cite Films in Paris. 116 leaves, mechanical duplication. Pages Near Fine, wrapper about Near Fine, bound with two gold brads.

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