Archive of 170 QSL cards for CB [Citizens Band] radio operators, circa 1970s

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N.p. N.p., Circa 1970s. Archive of 170 QSL cards from CB [Citizens Band] radio operators, all from the collection of a CB Radio enthusiast in the 1970s.

QSL cards are written confirmation of the receipt of a radio broadcast, sent from the listener to the broadcaster, or between both parties of a two-way communication. Originally sent to radio stations to show how far their broadcasts reached, the cards quickly spread to the amateur radio world, including pirate, ham, and CB radio broadcasts. These latter cards often featured artwork and humorous sayings in addition to the users' CB handle, address, and other pertinent information, and became especially popular during the CB enthusiast boom of the 1970s.

Given the short range of typical CB radio, the majority of the cards in the archive are from the area of Helena in northwestern Missouri where the original operator lived. However, locations in 24 other states and Canada are represented by cards in the collection, likely traded with local operators while on vacation.

While collections of QSL cards are not uncommon on the market, they are usually from ham radio broadcasters, which due to that radio's longer range, have a global reach. By contrast, the focus on a small, local area, and what it reveals about the way those hobbyists expressed themselves and communicated with each other, make this archive somewhat unique among QSL card collections.

Card roughly 6 x 3.5 inches (15 x 9 cm). Adhesive shadow to the verso of most cards from having been previously mounted in an album. Generally Very Good plus, with occasional light foxing or soil.

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