One Minute to Zero [The Korean Story]

Tay Garnett (director)
Milton Krims, William Wister Haines (screenwriters)
Robert Mitchum, Ann Blyth, William Talman, Charles McGraw (starring)

Culver City, CA: RKO Radio Pictures, 1952. Vintage photograph of director Tay Garnett, actress Margaret Sheridan and members of the crew on the set of the 1952 film. Mimeo snipe and a rubber studio stamp on the verso.

Set during the beginning of the Korean War. US Army colonel Steve Janowski (Robert Mitchum) and UN official Linda Day (Ann Blyth) fall in love after Janowski suffers an injury from a hand grenade.

Shot on location in Long Island, Colorado, Nevada, and South Korea.

10 x 8 inches. Near Fine.

[Book #145163]