The Student Prince

Richard Thorpe (director)
Wilhelm Eyer-Forster (play)
William Ludwig, Sonya Levien (screenwriters)
Robert Quirk (photographer)
Ann Blyth, Edmund Purdom, John Ericson, Louis Calhern (starring)
Mario Lanza (singing voice)

Beverly Hills, CA: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer [MGM], 1962. Collection of 11 vintage single weight studio still photographs from 1962 (5 photos) and 1969 re-release (6 photos) of the 1954 film, under the title, "Student Prince." Starring actor Purdom, who played the prince, is prominently featured, sometimes sword fighting.

One image from the set is shown. Please inquire for others.

Based on the 1924 operetta of the same name by Sigmund Romberg and Dorothy Donnelly, which in turn was based on the 1901 play "Old Heidelburg" by Wilhelm Eyer-Forster, itself filmed four times between 1915 and 1959.

Mario Lanza was originally slated to star in the film, but a dispute with MGM led him to getting fired from the picture. However, MGM retained the rights to his already recorded vocals, and had replacement Purdom lip sync them in the film. Ironically, the songs "Beloved" and "Serenade" would become heavily associated with Lanza after the film and cast recording were hits. Edmund Gwenn has a supporting role, years after his enchanting starring role as Kris Kringle in "Miracle on 34th St" (1947).

8 x 10 inches. Light toning, a diagonal crease to 1 still, else Near Fine overall.

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