Wells Fargo

Frank Lloyd (director)
Stuart N. Lake (story)
Paul Schofield, Gerald Geraghty, Frederick J. Jackson (screenwriter)
Joel McCrea, Bob Burns, Frances Dee, Lloyd Nolan, Henry O'Neill, Mary Nash (starring)

Los Angeles: Paramount Pictures, 1937. Vintage press photograph from the set of the 1937 film. Mimeo snipe on the verso.

Set in the 1840s, Ramsey Mackay (Joel McCrea), a Wells Fargo mail courier is promised an important contract if he delivers fresh oysters from New York City to Buffalo. Along his way he rescues Justine Pryor (Frances Dee) and her mother, still making his delivery on time. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Sound.

Shot on location in California.

10 x 8 inches. Near Fine.

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