The Steel Bayonet

Beverly Hills, CA: United Artists, 1958. Collection of 5 vintage single weight studio still photographs from the 1957 UK film, released in the US in 1958. "Leo Genn" in holograph pencil on the verso of one still.

One image from the set is shown. Please inquire for others.

Troops of Company C occupy a derelict Tunisian farmhouse until they are discovered by German infantrymen. The first Hammer war film, and the second Hammer film produced in collaboration with a major US studio. Michael Caine makes an uncredited cameo, and photographer Jay's notable credits include "The Curse of Frankenstein" (1957), "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968), "Straw Dogs" (1971), "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975), and "Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope" (1977).

Set in Tunis, shot on location in England.

8 x 10 inches. Faint curling and toning, else Near Fine.

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Price: $75.00