Archive of 62 vernacular photographs shot in postwar Germany, largely of Type 1 Volkswagen Beetles, circa early 1960s.

N.p. N.p., Circa 1960s. Archive of 62 vernacular photographs, likely taken by an American GI stationed on a US base in postwar Germany, with 57 of those photographs depicting a fascination with Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle cars that borders on obsession.

At least three different Beetles are depicted in the collection, including a myriad of artfully-shot close-up's of body damage, interiors, badges, and cars undergoing repairs.

Likely shot between 1962 and 1965, as evidenced by the style of license plate found on the cars, which was in use for US military vehicles in Germany during that time. The photographer is seen in one photograph in front of a mirror that states "Portrait of a Soldier," one of a handful of non-VW related images that also include images of roadways, an office lobby, and an Audi.

Full gallery of images available for viewing on request.

All photos 5 x 7 inches, Very Good plus or better condition.

[Book #145805]