Europe '51 [Europa '51]

Rome: Ponti-De Laurentils Cinematografica, 1952. Vintage photograph of Ingrid Bergman from the classic 1952 Italian neorealist film. With holograph annotations regarding layout, mimeo snipe, and stamps of distributor Lux Films and "Cinemonde" magazine on the verso.

Ingrid Bergman stars as Irene, a wealthy Rome socialite whose life is shattered following her son's suicide. Rossellini, taking inspiration in the life of Saint Francis, remodels it into a female perspective in post-war Italy.

Set in and shot on location in Rome.

11 x 8.25 inches. Near Fine with slight creasing at corners.

Rosenbaum 1000. Scorcese, My Voyage to Italy. Criterion Collection 674.

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