N.p. John Boorman Productions, 1974. Vintage borderless double weight photograph from the 1974 film. Rubber stamp crediting Michel Ciment on the verso.

After the critical and commercial success of 1972's "Deliverance," director John Boorman was given almost total creative freedom for his next film. He responded by costuming Sean Connery (in only his second post-Bond film) in red briefs and suspenders, thigh-high boots, a handlebar mustache, and a long braid, and setting him loose in a utopian city of nearly catatonically bored immortals as a ruthless killer doing the violent bidding of a giant, floating, talking stone head. In his spare time, he mates and has a child with Charlotte Rampling. Somewhat obviously, the film has since become a cult classic.

Shot on location in Ireland.

9.25 x 7 inches. Near Fine, some light edgewear.

Arrow 1147.

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