Original artwork for Priscilla's Pop comic strip, September 9, 1969

Al Vermeer (artist)

N.p. N.p., 1969. Original three-panel artwork by Al Vermeer for the September 9, 1969 daily strip of "Priscilla's Pop," featuring Priscilla, her friend Hollyhock and Priscilla's dog Oliver.

Albert (Al) Herman Vermeer began his newspaper career as a sports writer while growing up in Oakland, California. He began doing sports illustration for the San Francisco News, and in 1945 he was hired by the Newspaper Enterprise Association. It was the following year that Vermeer created his signature comic "Priscilla's Pop." Beginning as a Sunday feature, a daily version was added the following year.

Vermeer illustrated "Priscilla's Pop," the popular gag-a-day comic for 30 years, from July 7, 1946 to July 17, 1976. Cartoonist Ed Sullivan took over the comic when Vermeer retired in 1976 and continued its run until 1983.

"Priscilla's Pop" featured parents Waldo and Hazel Nutchell, their school-age daughter Pricilla, older brother Carlyle and their dog Oliver (frequently donning a hat.) Also featured were Pricilla's know-it-all friend Hollyhock and Hollyhock's nemesis Stuart. A constant theme of the strip was Priscilla's yearning for a horse and her Pop, Waldo's lunch, a mashed potato sandwich (so he could save money until the mortgage was paid.)

16.25 x 4.75 inches. Black ink on heavy paper stock. Near Fine, evidence of center crease on verso, not visible on recto.

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