N.p. Harold Huth Productions, 1951. Vintage borderless photograph from the set of the 1951 film featuring screenwriter Roger Vadim and a young Anouk Aimee watching a night shoot of the production. Mimeo snipe and Marc Allegret stamp on the verso. Mimeo identifies the production as "Mrs. Christopher".

Based on the 1946 novel "Mrs. Christopher" by Elizabeth Myers. A volunteer hospital worker, Mrs. Christopher (Fay Compton,) agrees to help a patient and deliver money to Mr. Sine (James Robertson Justice). Discovering he's a blackmailer Mrs. Christopher threatens to expose him, a struggle ensues and she kills him. Witnesses, other blackmail victims, agree not to talk. Mrs. Christopher is torn between confessing to the police, which would threaten the rest of the blackmailer's victims, and keeping quiet.

7 x 9 inches. Near Fine.

Selby UK Masterwork. Grant UK. Spicer UK.

[Book #146155]

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