George Sherman (director)
Arthur Gordon (novel)
David P. Harmon, Raphael Hayes, David Dortort (screenwriter)
Guy Madison, Felicia Farr, Kathryn Grant (starring)

N.p. Romson Productions, 1956. Four vintage studio still photographs from the 1956 film with Columbia Pictures sticker on recto listing stars, title and Technicolor adhered to left of bottom margin.

Based on Arthur Gordon's 1950 novel "Reprisal," about the 1946 lynching of two black couples, George Sherman's "Reprisal!" recasts the victims as Native Americans. Frank Madden (Guy Madison) arrives in the prairie town of Kendall, Oklahoma just as the Shipley brothers are acquitted for the lynching death of a Native American man and woman. Frank is half Native American posing as white and soon has trouble with the Shipleys who are using Franks land to graze their cattle. When the husband of the lynched Native American woman kills one of the Shipleys, Frank is accused. Placed in jail by the sheriff for his own safety the remaining Shipleys organize a mob to abduct and lynch Frank.

Set in Oklahoma, shot on location in Arizona.

8 x 10 inches. Near fine, some light creasing.

Pitts 3363.

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