Return from the Ashes

Maximilian Schell, Ingrid Thulin, Samatha Eggar (starring)
J. Lee Thompson (director)
Hubert Monteilhet (novel)
Julius J. Epstein (screenwriter)

N.p. Orchard Productions, 1965. Two vintage studio photographs of Ingrid Thulin from the 1965 film.

Michele Wolf (Thulin), a Jewish doctor, returns to Paris after having been liberated from the concentration camp Dachau. An old friend and plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Bovard (Herbert Lom), agrees to reconstruct her face as it did before the war. Under anesthesia she dreams of her past, having originally fled Germany for France and meeting, falling in love and marrying the Polish refugee and chess master Stanislaus Pilgrin (Maximilian Schell). The Germans then invade and Michele is arrested and deported to Dachau.

Stanislaus and Michele's stepdaughter Fabienne (Samantha Eggar) have been living in Michele's house and have assumed her dead. Unable to prove Michele's death without the body, they must wait 30 years before they can control the estate. Michele becomes reacquainted with Stanislaus and Fabi unaware it is her, and when her true identity is revealed, Stanislaus and Fabienne are revealed as lovers. Both Stanislaus and Fabienne plot Michele's murder but Stanislaus first murders Fabienne and hatches a plan to murder Michele.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine.

Selby UK.

[Book #146597]