Ivan Tors (director)
Art Arthur (story, screenwriter)
Arthur Weiss (screenwriter)
Harry Guardino, Shirley Eaton, Robert Culp (starring)

N.p. Ivan Tors Films, 1964. Collection of 30 vintage studio still photographs from the 1964 film.

Zoologist Dr. Jim Hanlon (Robert Culp) unknowingly hires poacher Alec Burnett (Harry Guardino) as a guide in an attempt to capture two white rhinos. Burnett, intending on selling the rhinos on the black market, steals Hanlon's car and equipment. Burnett's girlfriend, nurse Edith Arleigh (Shirley Eaton) is intent on making him see the error of his ways and reveals his location to Hanlon. When Hanlon saves Burnett's life after a cobra bite the two unite and capture the rhinos and join forces in animal research.

Set in Africa, shot on location in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine.

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