Schoolgirl Hitchhikers [Jeunes filles impudiques]

N.p. N.p., 1973. Collection of seven vintage vernacular color photographs from the 1973 film, five featuring actress Gilda Arancio being tortured by kidnappers. One shot (shown) shows Arancio and Joëlle Coeur on their initial hike in the woods, and the final shot shows Coeur late in the film, where she is experiencing what could be described as Stockholm Syndrome. A homemade set that is possibly unique, and if not certainly issued in very small quantities for internal use.

Numerical annotation "800" on the verso of each photo in red holograph ink. One photo with brief credits for the film, likely made later, in black holograph ink.

Two young women enter what they believe to be an abandoned country house and find themselves confronted by a gang of thieves.

French director Jean Michel Rollin Roth Le Gentil, better known as Jean Rollin gained notoriety (and some scandal) with his early, erotically charged vampire films "Le Viol du Vampire" (1968), "La Vampier Nue" (1970), "Le Frisson des Vampires" (1970), and "Requiem pour un Vampire" (1971). When beginning work on his first non-vampire film "La Rose de Fer" (1973) he found himself in need of funding and began directing films outside his existing contract under the pseudonym Michel Gentil. The first of these was "Schoolgirl Hitchhikers" ("Jeunes Filles Impudiques") (1973) followed by "Le Sourire Vertical" (1973) and "Tout le Monde il en a Deux" (1974).

Photographs Kodacolor on Kodak stock, each with thin white borders. 3.5 x 3.5 inches. Near Fine.

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