Spook Country

N.p. [G.P. Putnam's Sons / Viking Press], 2007. Archive containing the author's original corrected printed typescript and corrected galleys for the 2007 novel, both dated February 2006. Annotations in both documents by author William Gibson and a proofreader in various colors of holograph ink (typically Gibson’s are in red and proofreaders’ are in green).

The second novel in the loose trilogy bookended by Pattern Recognition (2003) and Zero History (2010), the author’s first contemporaneously set works, as opposed his overtly futuristic earlier work.

Corrected manuscript:

483 pages, with 373 pages showing holograph corrections in red by Gibson, and holograph corrections in green and blue by the proofreader to virtually every page.

Corrected galleys:

386 pages, with holograph pencil corrections by proofreaders to virtually every page.

[Book #147301]