Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter

New York: Paramount Pictures, 1974. Collection of 11 vintage borderless studio still photographs with bottom margins with text from the 1974 film. Mimeo snipes affixed to verso and folded over recto on Paramount Pictures letterhead and "THE SILVER SCREEN ARCHIVES ..." stamp on the verso. Laid in is press release from Paramount Pictures announcing a premiere engagement with "Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell" (1974), in the New York and New Jersey area as Halloween showcase films, dated 10/23/74.

Now considered a cult classic, "Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter" was a Hammer Films production that was originally intended as the first in a series, which unfortunately, due to financial problems at Hammer Films, never came to fruition. A novelization by Guy Adams was published under the title "Kronos" in 2011, and two comic book adaptations were made, "The House of Hammer" #1-3 (1976-1977), and "Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter" #1-4 (2017).

An unusual mix of supernatural horror and swashbuckling action as Captain Kronos (Horst Janson) and his sidekick, the hunchback Hieronymus Grost (John Cater) hunt vampires with the aid of local Gypsy girl Carla (Hammer stalwart Caroline Munro).

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine.

Press Release 8.5 x 11 inches, Near Fine.

[Book #147655]