The Jack Benny Program: The Harry Truman Show

Hollywood: CBS Television Network, 1959. Collection of ten vintage photographs of Jack Benny and former President Harry S.Truman from the "Harry Truman Show" episode of "The Jack Benny Program" (Season 10, Episode 2), which aired on CBS on October 18, 1959. Three with mimeo snipes affixed to verso and folded over the recto, one with mimeo snipe detached.

Benny introduces the segment in flashback, reminiscing about a recent trip to Missouri, where he gave a concert, and visited Truman at his new library. Truman gives Benny a tour of the library, showing him artifacts and news photos highlighting events of his administration.

"The Jack Benny Program," began as a radio program on NBC radio beginning May 2, 1932, and running until May 22, 1955. "The Jack Benny Program" television series aired on CBS, premiering on October 28, 1950 running for 15 years, the last episode airing on April 4, 1965. Considered a high-water mark in 20th century American comedy, the show, whether on radio or television, loosely utilized a show-within-a-show format, where the main characters played versions of themselves, often breaking the fourth wall, and featuring a variety of popular guests.

The Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum was dedicated on July 6, 1957, with Herbert Hoover, Chief Justice Earl Warren, and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in attendance.

Shot on location at the Truman Library in Indepencence, Missouri.

9 x 7 inches. One photograph uniformly faded, else Near Fine.

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