The Martian Chronicles [Chroniques Martiennes]

Paris: C. Darmon, 1980. Collection of 16 vintage color French lobby cards from the 1980 French theatrical release of the 1980 US television miniseries. First broadcast in three parts on NBC on January 27 through 29, 1980 in the US, released theatrically in France.

Based on the 1950 novel by Ray Bradbury. A three-episode miniseries which imagines a future world punctuated by catastrophes, wherein humans land on Mars, encounter a race of Martians whom they attempt to colonize, unwittingly begin a global nuclear war on Earth, and ultimately cause the mass devastation of life on both planets.

Set on Earth and Mars, shot on location in the US, Spain, and the UK.

8.5 x 10.75 inches. Near Fine.

[Book #148840]

Price: $750.00