Original artwork for Nancy comic strip, August 19, 1977

N.p. N.p., 1971, 1977. Original three-panel artwork by Ernie Bushmiller for the August 19, 1977 daily strip of his seminal comic strip Nancy. This particular strip features Nancy watching television, where a newscaster excitedly reports that a gorilla has escaped the zoo. In the final panel, the newscaster is confronted by the escaped gorilla.

In the original 1971 artwork, the three-frame joke ran as follows:

1. "The Phantom Robber has been pulling holdups all over town".
2. "Where will he strike NEXT?"
3. [Phantom Robber appears, and holds up the newscaster and cameraman with a gun. Nancy watches in surprise.]

In the revised 1977 artwork, the joke is revised:

1. "A gorilla escaped from the zoo today".
2. "I'm sure he's been caught by now".
3. [Gorilla appears to the newscaster's right, shocking him. Nancy watches in surprise.]

In Picasso-like fashion, Bushmiller painted over an earlier strip with white, from November 6, 1971, to create this one. The following changes were made between 1971 and 1977:

- A hat was added to the bald newscaster in all three frames so that it could pop off in surprise in the third frame.

- New dialogue was added in the first two frames.

- Completely new art in the third frame.

- New copyright date paste-on.

- New date at the bottom edge of the third frame.

As with American cinema, it was the French who first championed the studied simplicity of Bushmiller's un-deconstructible combination of rigid artistic style and even more rigidly governed humor. In 2012, Fantagraphics Press took on the long overdue task of putting the complete series into book form.

19.75 x 5.75 inches. Very Good plus, with aforementioned re-dos.

[Book #149179]

Price: $1,500.00