Alice's Restaurant

Beverly Hills, CA: United Artists, 1969. Collection of five vintage borderless reference photographs taken on the set of the 1969 film. Included are: (1) a shot of Arlo Guthrie on a motorcycle next to Michael McLanahan, (2) a shot of director Arthur Penn, producer Hillard Elkins and another crew member on motorcycles, (3) a shot of McLanahan, Penn, and actress Patricia Quinn working on a scene, (4) Guthrie with Quinn, and (5) Guthrie with a donkey and members of the cast.

Based on Arlo Guthrie's 1967 folk protest song, a narrative loosely based on Guthrie's own experiences being jailed for littering and later using the record of his arrest to escape the Vietnam draft.

Set and shot on location in New York and Massachusetts.

10 x 8 inches. Near Fine.

[Book #149517]