Bacchanales sexuelles [Tout le monde il en a deux]

N.p. Nordia Films, 1974. Collection of five vintage borderless reference photographs from the 1974 erotic horror film.

A young woman watching over her cousin's house is mistakenly kidnapped by a crazed sex cult.

Jean Michel Rollin Roth Le Gentil, more commonly known as Jean Rollin, had gained notoriety (and some scandal) with his early French vampire films "Le Viol du Vampire" (1968), "La Vampier Nue" (1970), "Le Frisson des Vampires" (1970), and "Requiem pour un Vampire" (1971). When beginning production on his first non-vampire film "La Rose de Fer" (1973) he found himself in need of funding and began making adult sex films, which he continued to direct under a variety of pseudonyms through the mid-1980s.

5 x 7 inches. Very Good plus.

Bier, p. 973.

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