Billy Jack

Tom Laughlin (director, screenwriter, starring)
Delores Taylor (screenwriter, starring)
Clark Howat, Victor Izay (starring)

Burbank, CA: Warner Brothers, 1970. Vintage US silkscreen banner poster for the 1971 film, printed in a striking blue and fluorescent pink.

Half-Navajo, Vietnam veteran, Green Beret, and hapkido master Billy Jack defends the peace-loving, free-thinking Freedom School from intolerant and bigoted locals. Originally unable to find distribution, director, screenwriter and star Tom Laughlin booked the film into theatres himself, and the film's mixture of radical politics and action struck a chord with viewers, eventually becoming the second highest grossing film of the year. The second of four "Billy Jack" films, preceded by "The Born Losers" (1967), and followed by "The Trial of Billy Jack" (1974), and "Billy Jack Goes to Washington" (1976), all directed by and starring Laughlin, and co-written and co-starring his wife Delores Taylor.

Set in Arizona, shot on location in New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

82 x 24 inches. Rolled. About Near Fine, with no restoration, some rubbing and light scratches, and some very light soiling on margins, otherwise quite bright and unfaded.

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