Warhol Won't Show up, Nico Won't Show Up, The Velvet Underground Won't Show Up

N.p. N.p., Circa 1960s. Vintage handwritten sign in marker on card stock by an unknown person criticizing the lack of appearances at an event by Andy Warhol, Nico, and the Velvet Undergournd, circa 1960s. From the estate of Velvet Underground guitarist Sterling Morrison, with provenance.

The sign reads in full: "Andy Warhol won't show up, Nico won't show up, the Velvet Underground won't show up - Tonight, Sat. demand your money back. Don't be made a fool of. You pay 2.50 a head to see nothing but a couple of bad films and blinking lights."

Though the exact origin of the sign is unknown, it serves, all at once, as a fan’s complaint about being let down by their idols, a critique of that same celebrity worship, an unintentional experimental art piece, and a statement on the emptiness of the pop art movement without its celebrity component.

Sign 12 x 9 inches, framed. Very Good plus, with expected toning and wear.

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