Secret Agent

Alfred Hitchcock (director)
Campbell Dixon (play)
W. Somerset Maugham (novel)
Charles Bennett, Ian Hay, Jesse Lasky Jr. (screenwriters)
Madeleine Carroll, Peter Lorre, John Gielgud, Robert Young (starring)

N.p. Gaumont British Picture Corporation, 1936. Vintage portrait photograph of actor Peter Lorre from the 1936 film. With a printed mimeo snipe affixed to the verso, along with manuscript pencil annotations, several agency stamps, and a date stamp reading 6 JAN 1936.

Based on Campbell Dixon's 1936 play, which was based in turn on two stories in the 1927 collection "Ashenden: Or the British Agent" by W. Somerset Maugham. Three British agents are tasked with assassinating a German spy during World War I, but find themselves unable to fulfill their mission when their discover the spy's true identity.

Set and shot on location in Switzerland and England.

7.25 x 9 inches. Very Good plus, with one tiny chip to the right edge.

Grant US.

[Book #150165]