Richard Lester (director)
John Haase (novel)
Robert Willoughby (photographer)
Lawrence B. Marcus, Barbara Turner (screenwriter)
Julie Christie, George C. Scott, Richard Chamberlain (starring)

N.p. N.p., 1968. Vintage reference photograph from the 1968 film, showing director Richard Lester, cinematographer Nicolas Roeg, and a camera crew filming a sidewalk scene with actress Julie Christie on location in San Francisco. With a printed mimeo snipe affixed to the verso.

Based on the 1966 novel "Me and the Arch Kook Petulia" by John Haase, about an unhappy, newlywed socialite who relentlessly pursues a physician for an affair. Shot on location during the Summer of Love in San Francisco, with appearances by Janis Joplin and The Grateful Dead.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine, with faint wear to the bottom left corner.

Rosenbaum 1000.

[Book #150385]