The Plow and the Stars

Santa Monica: RKO Radio Pictures, Circa 1936. Vintage reference photograph from the set of the 1936 film, featuring (L-R) cinematographer Joseph H. August, an unidentified crewmember, director John Ford, Preston Foster, Denis O'Dea, Barbara Stanwyck, and J.M. Kerrigan. Mimeo snipe and "RKO Radio Films" stamp on verso.

Based on the 1926 play by Sean O'Casey, the third of O'Casey's "Dublin Trilogy," preceded by "The Shadow of a Gunman" (1923) and "Juno and the Paycock" (1924). Ford had wanted to use the entire cast from the Abbey Theatre's original 1926 stage production, however, RKO insisted upon stars for the leading roles, hence the inclusion of Barbara Stanwyck and Preston Foster in an otherwise almost entirely Irish cast. RKO re-shot many scenes with a different director in an effort to tone down the politics of the film, leading Ford to disown the final film.

Nora Clitheroe (Stanwyck) runs a rooming house in Dublin and, much to her dismay, finds out her husband (Foster) joined an Irish militia seeking to overthrow British rule.

Set during the Easter Rising of April 1916.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine.

[Book #150504]