The Tiger of Eschnapur [Der Tiger von Eschnapur] and The Indian Tomb [Das Indische Grabmal] [The Indian Epic]

Berlin: Central Cinema Company Film [CCC], Circa 1959. Vintage borderless reference photograph of Fritz Lang being attacked by the shackled Paul Hubschmid, rehearsing a scene on the set of the 1959 film. German mimeo snipe and "Der Tiger von Eschnapur" stamps on verso.

Based on the 1918 German novel "Das Indische Grabmal" ("The Indian Tomb") by Thea von Harbou. Previously filmed in 1921 as the silent film "The Indian Tomb," directed by Joe May and starring Conrad Veidt and Mia May, with a screenplay written by von Harbou and Lang (who was originally slated to direct), and in 1938 as the German film "Der Tiger von Eschnapur," directed by Richard Eichberg, starring Philip Dorn and La Jana. Lang returned to the material some forty years later, and divided the story into two films to avoid the lengthy three and a half hour running time of the original silent film.

A German architect travels to the remote Indian city of Eschnapur to oversee work being done at the behest of the Maharajah, and falls in love with a beautiful temple dancer, who the Maharajah also loves.

Set in India, shot on location in Berlin, Germany and Udaipur, India.

9 x 7 inches. Near Fine.

Eureka 50047. Rosenbaum 1000.

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