Cornbread, Earl and Me

Joseph Manduke (director)
Ronald Fair (novel)
Leonard Lamensdorf (screenwriter)
Moses Gunn, Rosalind Cash, Laurence Fishburne, Madge Sinclair, Jamaal Wilkes (starring)

Los Angeles: American International Pictures [AIP], 1975. Collection of eight vintage black and white studio still photographs from the 1975 film. With the stamp of Consolidated Theatre Services on the verso.

Loosely based on Ronald Fair's 1966 novel "Hog Butcher." Two African American children are the key witnesses against the corrupt police officers who mistakenly murdered their best friend and local hero, Nathaniel "Cornbread" Hamilton, in a manhunt.

Set and shot on location in Los Angeles.

10 x 8 inches. Near Fine.

[Book #150615]