The Third Man

N.p. N.p., Circa 1949. Two vintage reference photographs, one of Orson Welles and Carol Reed, and one of Reed, Joseph Cotten, and Welles, on the set of the 1949 film.

Reed's classic 1949 British film noir, based on an original screenplay by Graham Greene, starring Cotten as Holly Martins, Anna Schmidt as Valli and Welles as Harry Lime, with Cotten and Welles at the peak of their respective powers. The second of three films in which Green collaborated directly with Reed, and remains Greene's only original screenplay. Produced and directed by Reed, who narrated the UK version, and who worked with Greene on two other films, "The Fallen Idol" and "Our Man in Havana."

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Cinematography, nominated for Best Editing and Best Director.

Set in and shot on location in Vienna, Austria and England, UK.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine.

Criterion Collection 64. Ebert I. Grant UK. Penzler 101. Rosenbaum 1000. Schrader Canon Fodder 18. Selby UK. Spicer UK.

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