Original invitation for Steve Reich and Musicians, Four Concerts, May 20, 21, 23, 24, 1975: Work in Progress for 21 musicians and singers (1975), Violin Phase (1967), Music for Pieces of Wood

New York: The Kitchen, 1975. Vintage invitation for four concerts by Steve Reich and Musicians at The Kitchen in New York, featuring performances of three seminal pieces by Reich, "Violin Phase" (1967), "Music for Pieces of Wood" (1973), and the aptly named "Work in Progress for 21 musicians and singers," an early iteration of his landmark "Music for 18 Musicians," which premiered the following year.

After the release of "Drumming" in 1970, Reich moved away from the "phase shifting" technique, and began working on more intricate, elaborate pieces, experimenting with augmentation and larger ensembles. This period of growth culminated in the piece which would eventually be named "Music for 18 Musicians," a breakthrough work and turning point in minimalist music.

Single sheet on card stock, 6.5 x 21 inches, scored in threes for mailing. Recto only except for the return address and bulk address block. Faintly toned, else Fine.

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