The David Frost Show

N.p. Group W Productions, Circa 1969. Originial transcript of the David Frost interview with Muhammad Ali and Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier from Season 1, episode 8 of 1969-1972 television show, which aired on Group W (US Westinghouse Corporation) television stations on July 16, 1969. Single annotation in holograph red pencil on first page underlining "Cassius Clay" in title, which Ali is referred to throughout transcript (Ali abandoned his birth name in 1964, upon his entry in the Nation of Islam). Housed in original glassine envelope.

In addition to Ali and Grier, the episode featured interviews with actors Gloria Loring, Jerry Shane, O.C. Smith, actor and athelete Johnny Weismuller, and journalist Alden Whitman. Ali and Grier were principal guests (the transcript is only of the Ali and Grier interviews).

Just over the first half of the transcript is Frost's interview with Ali, focusing largely on race relations in the US, current boxing matches (from which Ali had been barred, from 1967 till 1970, due to his refusal to be conscripted into the Vietnam War), and Ali's relationship with the Nation of Islam. The second half is Frost's interview with both Grier and Ali, the conversation, again, largely on US race relations at the time.

A fascinating interview of Ali during his exile from boxing, and an exceptional snapshot of a particularly incendiary period of US history.

Self wrappers. 20 leaves, with last page of text numbered 20. Spirit duplication, rectos only. Pages Near Fine, with light fading to outer right edge, bound with staple to upper left corner.

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