A Sample of Sound Film, circa 1928

New York: Western Electric Sound System, Circa 1928. Vintage small two-color bi-fold housing an early sample of sound film, promoting Western Electric's Portable Sound System, circa 1928. Likely unique, as we have been unable to locate another example.

The front features "A Sample of Sound Film" in bold red font, with illustration of a projector and a screen atop support on front panel, with the screen being a die-cut window revealing a single frame of film. The image on the film is of playwright George Bernard Shaw from the 1928 Fox Case Movietone News (one of the earliest sound newsreels), with three frames of film attached by staple to the rear panel, also with die cut window, allowing the viewer to hold the bi-fold to the light revealing Shaw.

The verso of front leaf, beginning with the title "The Voice Behind the Screen," describes the "Western Electric Portable Sound System," featuring a projector, amplifier, horn, and screen, designed to fit into four small trunks (able to withstand "rough handling in transportation"), with a quality compatible to that "of the best equipped theatres." With a contemporary annotation in holograph ink on top of leaf "The Picture is Bernard Shaw." The recto of the second leaf, upon which is affixed the three frames of film, notes with arrow, in red, below film strip, the "Sound Track" on the film, with a simple illustration below, a band of horizontal parallel lines, noticeable on the film itself, between left sprocket holes and film image. To the left of the film strip is the description, "This piece of film is a sample of sound film recorded by the Western Electric Sound System." Following below is a physical description and summary explanation of the process, "This is called the constant width, varying density sound track and is characteristic of all 'Sound-on-Film' recording done by," followed by the Western Electric Sound System logo, common to the period. The verso of the second leaf is of an illustration of patrons in a theatre before the screen, the screen being the window revealing the still, with an illustration in red of a telephone, below, followed by "Made by the makers of the nation's telephones."

3 x 4.25 inches. Near Fine.

[Book #152558]

Price: $450.00