Collection of ten jumbo oversize original George Hurrell photographs, circa 1932 to 1944, comprising his Portfolio III collection, struck by Hurrell in 1979

Los Angeles: George Hurrell, 1979. Ten original oversize George Hurrell photographs, comprising Hurrell's Portfolio III series, each signed and numbered by Hurrell, all number 39 from an edition of 50. The photographs in the portfolio, a striking and beautiful collection, were shot between 1932 and 1944, and struck by Hurrell in 1979. Hurrell produced a total of 23 series, each comprised of ten images, struck from his original negatives and printed in various sizes, this being the largest.

This portfolio includes some of Hurrell's most stunning and innovative glamour portraits from Hollywood's Golden Age, comprising, John Barrymore (circa 1932), Charles Boyer (circa 1938), James Cagney (circa 1932), Joan Crawford (circa 1932), Jascha Heifetz (circa 1938), Veronica Lake (circa 1941), Gilbert Roland (circa 1939), Ann Sheridan (circa 1938), Gene Tierney (circa 1944), and Anna May Wong (circa 1938).

A trained painter, Hurrell was encouraged to pursue photography by Edward Steichen in the mid 1920s, which Hurrell found to be a more advantageous way to earn a living. By the late 1920s Hurrell opened a photography studio in Los Angeles, photographing "social portraits" of high society of Laguana Beach and began to capture the attention of Hollywood. In 1930 he was asked to join MGM as head portrait photographer, quickly becoming one of the most sought after photographers of the stars, photographing nearly all the major stars of Hollywood's Golden Age. His career would encompass both Old and New Hollywood, as well as fashion and glamour photography for America's top corporations and publications, becoming one of the most influential and accomplished portrait photographers of the 20th century.

Photographs 36 x 48 inches, mounted onto rigid polystyrene board. Fine. Shipping at cost.

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