Animal House

New York: Harvey Hutter & Co., Inc., 1978. Vintage "US Senator Blutarsky" poster, used as an ultimately little known, bizarre futuristic advertisement for the 1978 film.

National Lampoon was a huge success as an alternative magazine in the early 1970s, and irrevocably altered its future in 1978 with the production of this film, an irreverent, sharp, and now classic comedy. A production company was launched, making over half a dozen films between 1978-2002, and as a result today's generation associates "National Lampoon" almost completely with its films rather than its pulp origins. And importantly, this was the film that catapulted Harold Ramis and Belushi from television into the movies, where they would both flourish. Nominated by the Writer's Guild of America for Best Comedy Screenplay in 1979.

24 x 30 inches. Very Good plus, with faint creasing, light edgewear, and four pinholes, one to each corner.

National Film Registry. McPadden, Teen Movie Hell.

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