Without Warning

Jack Palance, Martin Landau (starring)
Greydon Clark (director)
Lyn Freeman, Daniel Grodnik, Bennett Tramer, Steve Mathis (screenwriters)

Paris: Cine-Paris, Circa 1980. Four vintage borderless reference photographs from the French release of the 1980 US film. One photograph with the stamp of Cine-Paris Distributors to the verso.

A group of teenagers on a camping trip are relentlessly hunted down by an extraterrestrial who uses smaller, jellyfish-esque creatures with needle-tipped tentacles as living weapons. The majority of the film's budget was purportedly spent crafting the head of the alien, costing producer-screenwriter Daniel Grodnik $19,000.

Set in the American Midwest and shot on location in Malibu, California.

7 x 5 inches. About Fine.

McPadden, Heavy Metal Movies. Thrower, Nightmare USA.

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