Women in Revolt

Andy Warhol (producer)
Paul Morrissey (director, screenwriter)
Holly Woodlawn, Candy Darling, Jackie Curtis (starring)

N.p. N.p., Circa 1971. Vintage studio still photograph from the 1971 film, showing actress Holly Woodlawn in bed, biting the posterior of nude houseboy Dusty Springs. Provenance stamp on the verso.

A satire of the women's liberation movement, starring Warhol superstars Candy Darling, Jackie Curtis, and Holly Woodlawn, about three New York women who join a militant feminist group, Politically Involved Girls (P.I.G.), in an attempt to find happiness apart from men. The last film to use footage filmed directly by Andy Warhol himself.

Set and shot on location in New York.

10 x 8 inches. About Fine.

[Book #154546]